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The Problem

We know ads are not supporting journalism - especially local journalism.
And people are reluctant to buy subscriptions.

A big reason people don't choose subscriptions:
The emotional commitment to a subscription is a greater barrier than the financial commitment.

A subscription makes people feel like they have to pay before they receive value.
It requires a leap of faith: that they will return to this publication in future, and that there will be more articles that they appreciate. Who knows if that will happen? It's pretty iffy from the reader's point of view.
Reluctance to make an emotional commitment is the primary reason people choose not to purchase subscriptions, even when subscription prices are unsustainably cheap.

It used to be everyone knew they would need the newspaper tomorrow and next week and forever. A subscription made sense. These days, except in limited situations like maybe a hometown weekly, people don't count on their need for a particular newspaper.

And there's this: A Reddit comment with more than 30,000 upvotes (NSFW for language)

The Opportunity

On the other hand, people know good journalism when they read it. They appreciate it.
Journalism adds to people's lives now as much as it ever did. So people feel value in the journalism they read, moment by moment. But how are they to let you know they loved what you wrote, to thank you, to show they value what your organization and your journalists gave them?

A Solution

By adding the small Tendorama widget to each story or article, you let your readers reward that story with cash directly and immediately. Article by article, post by post. It's easy to add the widget to your pages. Above is a basic example - you can edit the styling and text.


Additional notes:

Must have...? What makes this Publishers' Module go from "kind of interesting" to "must have" for Publishers who don't adopt early? Probably when you see other publishers in your market receiving Tends.

Tends are not donations. In fact the word, "donate," almost never appears on TendOrama.
A donation is typically given to support someone or something without expectation of receiving direct personal benefit. On TendOrama, people are voluntarily paying for the value they have received. There is no charity here. It's a simple form of compensation that makes readers feel good - feel like they restored a balance. They feel good because they know they're doing the fair thing.

A more direct measure than ad-clicks? Maybe more meaningful than page views? Your managers can use the Publishers' Console to see how articles, writers, editors, and sections are prompting readers to take significant, tangible actions. Your managers can use the amounts as an additional measure of the effect of each post or article on your readers.

1 publication has chosen to block their readers from creating a Tend for them.

More revenue:

When people use TendOrama to reward you, you keep 95.5% of this additional revenue. TendOrama's share is the other 4.5%; we set it low because we're not here to gouge you or make a billion dollars off your work. Our share is meant to be less than your organization's costs would be if you did this project from scratch yourselves. There's no fee to sign up, nor any obligation. TendOrama issues your payouts on the 20th of each month for the previous month.

The process:

Sign up.
Then add a few lines of code to display the customizable TendOrama widget anywhere on your sites/apps. The few lines of code and instructions are part of your onboarding process and are always accessible from your Publisher Console.
That's all.
Once done, you're in position to collect additional revenue.

One last thing:

Thank you! We think we have a good offering here,
and we appreciate you spending the time to consider it seriously enough to read this far.

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